International competition 1

28 April 2017 – 21:30 – Vendôme

1 May 2017 – 18:00 – Flagey


Amikam Kovner

Country Israel
Genre Fiction
2016 - 28' - Color
After two years in boarding school, Yiftach (16) is kicked out for good. He has to return to his father's sheep farm in the south, the place that once was his home. He is not welcome upon his return...

Joy Ride

Niav Conty

joy ride
Country United States
Genre Fiction
2016 - 17'50'' - Color
Emma doesn’t see her mom much. One visit goes awry when her mom’s dealer boyfriend takes her for a ride. Can Emma retain her innocence ?

El Eden ( The Eden )

Andrés Ramirez Pulido

El eden
Country Colombia
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 19' - Color
While playing games on the edge of naivety and vandalism, two teenagers burst into El Edén, a health resort abandoned in the midst of a thick vegetation. They play with a scorpion, with a gun, and swim in the stagnant water of the pool. The frontier between everyday life and violence can be easily crossed.

On Attend

Dimitri Sterkens

on attend copy
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 12' - Color
When the young African girl Camille tries to cross the border in order to find her family, she gets stuck in a cyclical no man's land at the border control as she has to take a shower each time she applies for a new passport.

La Convention de Genève

Benoit Martin

la convention de Genève
Country France
Genre Fiction
2016 - 15' - Color
As Hakim is waiting for the bus after class, he is caught in a vendetta between teenagers. He is not exactly keen to get into a fight, but how can he possibly avoid an awaited confrontation?