Best of – Il était une fois il était une fois

4 May 2017 – 21:00 – Mercelis

A story within a story.

La polyclinique de l’amour

Artus De Penguerm

La polyclinique de lamour
Country France
Genre Fiction
1998 - 6'30'' - Color
John loves Priscilla who is married to Michaël, the director of the clinic…

Betty’s blues

Rémi Vandenitte

Betty's Blues
Country Belgium
Genre Animation
2012 @en - 12' - Color
A young guitarist tries his luck in an old blues dive in Louisiana. He remembers the legend of Blind Boogie Jones, in the New Orleans of the1920's, a story of love and revenge…


Carles Torrens

Country United States
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 20' - Color
What if you wake up one day and realize the entire world has dreamed about you?

La version du loup

Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni

la version du loup
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2011 @en - 10' - Color
As in the traditional fairy tale, the wolf longs for Little Red Riding Hood and disguises himself to reach his goal. But this version reveals a Little Red Riding Hood more mischievous than the tale's innocent little girl.

Ilha das flores

Jorge Furtado

Ilha das flores
Country Brazil
Genre Documentary
1989 @en - 12' - Color
A tomato is planted, picked, sold and ends up in the dump on "Flower Island" among pigs, women and children. The difference between tomatoes, pigs and human beings becomes clear.

The Bloody Olive

Vincent Bal

The bloody olive
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
1996 @en - 10' - Black & White
24 December 1951: Werner and Mylene are busy with preparations for Christmas Eve when the doorbell rings. This is the beginning of a night full of surprises, where nothing is as it appears to be.

Ce n’est pas un film de cow-boy

Benjamin Parent

Ce n'est pas un film de cow-boys
Country France
Genre Fiction
2012 @en - 12' - Color
Between classes, two groups of French teenagers talk about the movie they watched on television last night: Brokeback Mountain.