National competition 4

30 April 2017 – 22:00 – Flagey

1 May 2017 – 14:00 – Flagey

3 May 2017 – 19:30 – Vendôme

Les Petites Mains

Rémi Allier

les petites mains 2
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2017 - 15' - Color
Leo, 2, is the son of the director of a chemical plant. When workers find out that the direction is about to close the factory, Bruno, a more radical worker, kidnaps Leo to negotiate...


Britt Raes

Country Belgium
Genre Animation
2016 - 12' - Color
Catherine loves pets! But most of all, she loves her cat. As she grows up, she cannot connect with other people. Her cat is her life, and little by little she grows up to be a crazy old cat lady. Will she ever find friendship, or love?

Ma fille Nora

Jasna Krajinovic

Country Belgium
Genre Documentary
2016 - 16' - Color
Nora, Samira’s daughter, left for Syria in May 2013. Since then, her mother leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to bring her home. “My daughter Nora” is a letter that Samira wrote to Nora.

Etat d’Alerte Sa Mère

Sébastien Petretti

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 5'34'' - Color
This is the story of two young guys without any trouble who just want to « screw » without being disturbed.« State of Emergency motherfucker» is a surrealistic comedy that depicts a society where police violence and invasion of privacy are daily routine, normal, tedious. The victims themselves are used to it. Even the police is used to it! Every day, they get back at it. Samy and Mehdi aren’t even paying attention to it anymore… the viewer neither. The real question of the movie is to finally discover if Samy did get some on the night of Valentine’s…


Nathalie André

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 19' - Color
This Sunday is a scorcher. Somewhere in our Ardennes. A road. A gang of kids trying to avoid boredom.

Les Tubes

Matthieu Donck, Xavier Seron

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 24'09'' - Color
Laurent has to have a coloscopy. And there is nothing more worrying than a doctor who is trying to reassure you. However, it is next to nothing : it is just a camera that is moving through your colon…