Next Generation 3

3 May 2017 – 21:30 – Vendôme

6 May 2017 – 21:00 – Mercelis

DID YOU SAY NEXT GENERATION ? For the fifth year in a row, The next Generation festival celebrates
film school shorts.

The Girl Who Plays A Game

Déni Pitsaev

the girl who plays a game
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 25' - Color
The main heroine, a young journalist from Moscow, Sasha, a beloved wife, and a mother of two children. She is doing a dangerous job, being an investigative journalist in modern Russia, where current political regime prosecutes and kills journalists and political activists. Is she crazy or a hero ?


Justine Gramme

Country Belgium
Genre Documentary
2016 - 17' - Color
Various young men. Different questions. Various visions of the woman. And the force of habit.

Pain in Silence

Yujian Li

Country China
Genre Fiction
2016 - 20' - Color
Based on a true story. When his parents die from a work-accident, He Wei, a thrirteen years old boy, is condemn to live alone during the rest of his life.

Play Boys

Vincent Lynen

play boys
Country Belgium
Genre Animation
2016 - 6' - Color
A film about macho men, chicks, dogs, guns, cars and motorcycles.


Tristan Lhomme

Country France
Genre Fiction
2016 - 22' - Color
Lazare lives with Jacques, his housemate and his long lasting friend. The latter decides to take things in hands and to introduce him a young parisian named Céline. Someone rings at the door.