Next Generation 6

30 April 2017 – 21:00 – Vendôme

5 May 2017 – 18:00 – Flagey

DID YOU SAY NEXT GENERATION ? For the fifth year in a row, The next Generation festival celebrates film school shorts.

The transfer

Michael Grudsky

the transfer
Country Germany, Israel
Genre Fiction
2017 - 22' - Color
Erez, an Israeli commissioned officer, and two other soldiers have been ordered to transfer a prisoner to Megiddo prison. Along the way, a conflict arises that forces the young officer to surpass himself in order to solve the situation.

Jolis Mômes

Thomas Xhignesse

jolis momes
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 13'47'' - Color
Together with his big brother, Jonas will rob the house of a girl from school who he’s secretly in love with.

Batting Cage

Sung-Hwan Kim

Country South Korea
Genre Fiction
2016 - 12' - Color
A man meets a woman who teaches him more than how to bat a baseball.


Jietske Vermoortele, Charles Dhondt

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 5'39'' - Couleur
Kevin and Alice, a young couple, break into a house. Kevin fantasizes about a great future together, but finds something else than he expected.

Die Last der Erinnerung

Albert Meisl

Country Austria
Genre Fiction
2016 - 19' - Color
A mission to retrieve a rare piece of sheet music thrusts a young musicologist into the dysfunctional and inescapable orbit of his eccentric predecessor.