International Competition 10

3 May 2018 – 19:30 – Vendôme

5 May 2018 – 16:00 – Flagey

A Month

Zgjim Terziqi

Inter - A month
Country Kosovo
Genre Fiction
2017 - 26' - Color
Ana is a 40-year-old unmarried blind woman who lives the agreement of her four sisters. Their pact concludes that every one of the four sisters will take care of Ana at their respective homes for a month each.

Les Misérables

Ladj Ly

Inter - Les misérables
Country France
Genre Fiction
2016 - 15' - Color
SIG-Sauer belt and Tonfa in hand, Pento has joined the anti-crime brigade of Seine-Saint-Denis. In contact with his two teammates, he develops special methods.

Little Shit

Richard Gorodecky

Inter - Little shit
Country Netherlands
Genre Fiction
2017 - 13'50'' - Black & White
A lost child's journey to discover his and London's hidden nature


Daniel Lee

Inter - Toto
Country United States
Genre Fiction
2017 - 13'38'' - Couleur
A faded horror film star on his way to a horror convention is obsessed with his diminished status. But careful what you wish for. His narcissistic need to be recognized is only fulfilled when he meets an end as gory as the films he once graced.

Sob o Véu da Vida Oceânica

Quico Meirelles

Sob o Véu da Vida Oceânica Quico Meirelles
Country Brazil
Genre Animation
2017 - 8'47'' - Color
Hey you, human being reading this synopsis. Yes, you, who complains about time and death, about love and existence. Today is your lucky day: my life is way worse. And it only lasts six minutes.