Made in Belgium

Saturday July 21st
Vaux-Hall – Brussels Park (1000 Brussels)

Le signaleur

Benoit Mariage

Le signaleur
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
1997 @en - 18' - Black & White
A couple of cycle-race organizers turn up at an old people's home looking for someone who could be relied upon to act as an official during the race...

Etat d’Alerte Sa Mère

Sébastien Petretti

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2016 - 5'34'' - Color
This is the story of two young guys without any trouble who just want to « screw » without being disturbed.« State of Emergency motherfucker» is a surrealistic comedy that depicts a society where police violence and invasion of privacy are daily routine, normal, tedious. The victims themselves are used to it. Even the police is used to it! Every day, they get back at it. Samy and Mehdi aren’t even paying attention to it anymore… the viewer neither. The real question of the movie is to finally discover if Samy did get some on the night of Valentine’s…

L’être venu d’ailleurs

Renaud De Putter et Guy Bordin

l'être venu d'ailleurs
Country Belgium
Genre Documentary
2013 @en - 18' - Black & White
Spring 2012. Dédée, a prostitute in a window in Brussels since more than 30 years, evokes – with humor, smartness, and frankness – her rather uncommon life story since her early debuts when she found out that she was “a whore in the soul”, to the greatest astonishment of her relatives…

Raconte-moi des salades

Olias Barco

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 10' - Color
Belgium, Brussels, a day, a restaurant. Are here three religions and four nationalities. The boss can not pay suppliers, employees, not even gas, it's hot, the tension rises in the kitchen when people are tired.


Bouli Lanners

Travellinckx Travelling - road movie 1
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
1999 @en - 17' - Black & White
Didier, 39 years old, is persuaded he is going to die. That’s why he decides, for his retired father, to have himself filmed in the places he and his parents used to go when he was a kid. But he hears on the radio that Marc Dutroux has just escaped…


Pablo Munoz Gomez

Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 17'34'' - Color
Jorges loves his father. His father loves a chicken. Jorge doesn't like the chicken. He wants it in a henhouse.