International Competition 5

29 April 2019 – 18:00 – Lumen

1 May 2019 – 22:00 – Lumen

F For Freaks

Sabine Ehrl

F for Freaks
Country Germany
Genre Fiction
2018 - 30' - Color
An empty, undefined world. Gabriela (70) is seriously ill. With all imaginable means, she tries to hold on to life, to escape her own death. In her hidden and increasing fear of death, she refuses any moral argument. Gabriela becomes an animal.

The Fisherman

Zoey Martinson

The Fisherman
Country Ghana
Genre Fiction
2018 - 15' - Color
An aging fisherman goes out to sea one day and returns with a talking fish. Set in Ghana West Africa, this quirky comedy explores our need to stay relevant against the backdrop of a developing nation.

Nursery Rhymes

Tom Noakes

Nursery Rhymes
Country Australia
Genre Fiction
2018 - 5' - Color
On the side of a rural highway, a bizarre encounter with a Metalhead takes a profound turn.

Roberto le Canari

Nathalie Saugeon

Roberto le canari
Country France
Genre Fiction
2018 - 18' - Color

The death of Roberto, the canary, forces a family to come to terms with their own grief.

Susotázs (Chuchotage)

Barnabás Tóth

Country Hungary
Genre Fiction
2018 - 16' - Color
During a professional conference in Prague, two simultanous interpreters in the Hungarian booth realize that only one person is listening to them.