Brussels Co-Production Forum




The Brussels Short Film Festival co-production forum will take place for the first time during the 22nd Brussels Short Film Festival (25.04 > 05.05.2019).

The co-production forum is an initiative that aims to promote partnerships between European and Belgian producers. It will take place on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of April 2019 during the Short Film Market.

European and Belgian producers looking for a co-producer are invited to submit their short film projects.

The event will consist of:

  1. Pitching session of selected projects
  2. One-to-one business meetings
  3. Conferences
  4. Invitation to convivial professional cocktails


12 European projects and 4 Belgian projects will be selected to take part in the forum.


If selected, producers will have the opportunity to:

  • Pitch their project in front of influent Belgian and European producers.
  • Have individuals meetings with a great number of professionals; producers, funding partners…
  • Build  contacts to find public and  private funding for their projects in case of an agreement.
  • Take part in the Brussels Short Film Festival and Short Film Market.


The producers of the selected projects will be invited to Brussels. The invitation includes a travel grant, hotel accommodation, meals and a free accreditation to the Brussels Short Film Festival.

English will be the working language during the co-production forum. Therefore, a good level of English is advised for anyone willing to participate in the forum.


The submissions for the co-production forum are now closed. The results will be announced by the beginning of March.

You want to join the production of a short film project? You can still subscribe to meet the producers who will be selected for the forum. To do so, fill the following form by clicking here.

An overview of selected projects will be sent to you once the selection is known. Producers who are not interested in the selected projects can unsubscribe from the forum at any time.

Please note that the Brussels Short Film Festival doesn’t take charge of the transport or the accommodation of the producers who only participate in the forum as auditors. However, you will have the possibility to ask for an accreditation with accommodation in the festival’s partner hotel.

Contact : Romane Pangrazzi -