Next Generation 6

30 april 2017 – 21:00 – Vendôme

5 mei 2017 – 18:00 – Flagey

U ZEI NEXT GENERATION? Voor het 5de jaar richt het festival Next Generation de spots op de films van de scholen.

The transfer

Michael Grudsky

the transfer
Land Duitsland, Israel
Genre Fictie
2017 - 22' - Color
Erez, an Israeli commissioned officer, and two other soldiers have been ordered to transfer a prisoner to Megiddo prison. Along the way, a conflict arises that forces the young officer to surpass himself in order to solve the situation.

Jolis Mômes

Thomas Xhignesse

jolis momes
Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2016 - 13'47'' - Color
Together with his big brother, Jonas will rob the house of a girl from school who he’s secretly in love with.

Le Patin

Faustine Crespy

Le patin
Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2016 - 20' - Color
Frédéric is a timid, young man who works at the reception of a station hotel, alternating with Mario, a seducer looking for the ideal woman. When Mario tells the story of his encounter with a mysterious female client at the hotel, Frédéric decides he is going after her too.


Jietske Vermoortele, Charles Dhondt

Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2016 - 5'39'' - Couleur
Kevin and Alice, a young couple, break into a house. Kevin fantasizes about a great future together, but finds something else than he expected.

Die Last der Erinnerung

Albert Meisl

Land Oostenrijk
Genre Fictie
2016 - 19' - Color
A mission to retrieve a rare piece of sheet music thrusts a young musicologist into the dysfunctional and inescapable orbit of his eccentric predecessor.