6 mei 2017 – 17:00 – Mercelis

In 1959 verbroederden Elsene en Biarritz met elkaar. We gaven het Festival de Cinéma et Culture d’Amérique latine in onze broederstad ‘carte blanche’. Dat resulteerde nogmaals in een prachtig, 100 % latino-programma.


Gui Campos

Land Brazilië
Genre Fictie
2016 - 24' - Color
At the dawn of existence, a rose blooms, caressed by the last rays of the sun.

Los Días felices

Agostina Guala

Land Argentinië
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 15' - Color
A short film about an instance in the life of a family. A family that shows the individual struggles when their everyday routine ranges between affection and weariness. On January 1st, Lucia and Juan decide to spend the day at the lake with their four children.

Caminho dos gigantes

Alois Di Leo

Caminho dos gigantes
Land Brazilië
Genre Animatie
2016 - 12' - Color
In a forest of gigantic trees, Oquirá a six year old indigenous girl, will challenge her destiny and learn to understand the cycle of life.

Niño de metal ( Metal child )

Pedro Garcia Mejia

nino de metal
Land Colombia, Mexico
Genre Fictie
2014 @nl - 14' - Black & White
Ramon works on a T-shirt street stall. LaVamp, his Gothic ex-wife, leaves their son Ozzy in his care. When PlanBe, Ramon's mate, drops by to see him, they get talking and smoke some marijuana. And lose the child in the market. In a desperate search for Ozzy, Ramon discovers his own inability to be a father.

60 primaveras

Leticia Jorge , Ana Guevara

60 primavera
Land Uruguay
Genre Fictie
2014 @nl - 10'57'' - Color
Roberto is attending a surprise party for his sister. The ten minutes preceding her arrival are a minefield. Family, party, aperitif, mariachis and moodiness.


Jorge Loureiro, Luciano Scherer, Guilherme Soster

Land Brazilië
Genre Documentaire
2015 @nl - 17' - Color
Portrait about an outsider artist named Ruby, who lives alone in a house near of the beach.