Nationale Competitie 3

Deer Boy

Katarzyna Gondek

Nationale - Deer Boy
Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2017 - 16' - Color
A story about a hunter's son, who was born with antlers, and about how each man kills the thing he loves.

Capote percée

Adriana da Fonseca

Nationale - Capote percée
Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2017 - 24'07'' - Color
All the pupils in the playground laugh at Françoise, but deep in her heart she knows that somewhere over the rainbow, there is a place where troubles melt like lemon drops.


Henne William, Bonnin Yann

Nationale - KL
Land Belgïe
Genre Experimenteel
2017 - 3'30'' - Color
A succession of photographs scroll quickly. The place is revealed only by details, framed in close-up. This place is a huge cemetery of 42 km², located in Upper Silesia, and whose motives are known: railway ties and rivets, windows, red bricks, mud and puddles, details of wagons, bows of barbed wire, barks of birches, numbers, details of fence pillars, electric fence bells, spoon heaps, switches, shoe boxes, suitcases, coat hooks, scratches, panels, rubble, ...


Pairoux olivier

Nationale - Puzzle
Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
- 19'40'' - Color
After exploding the earth, the villain Destroyer is very lonely on his tiny piece of land lost in space. One day, Cosmo, a small high-tech toy robot crosses his path and confuses him with Brian, the little boy to whom he was destined for his birthday. "

The Glorious Peanut

Fred de Loof, Fred Labeye

Nationale - Glorious Peanut
Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2018 - 18' - Color
"The Glorious Peanut" is not a story about a peanut, it's the story about Patrick. And Patrick is not a peanut, he's a 30 years old bald lumberjack. It's important to say he's bald because that's why he's very unconfident. But his lack of confidence is also due to his Father, who crushes him like a peanut. Patrick dreams about having friends, and above all about having a girlfriend... Griet for example, the young flemish farmer girl from the village, whom he fancies since forever. But being bald, he will never get friends, let alone Griet. But one day gets to eat a peanut and that will change his life....