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International Competition 7

Ukolysz mnie (Cradle me)

David Tejer

Pays Poland
Genre Fiction
2018 - 25' - Color
On the morning of her birthday, Emilia wakes up next to a stranger – Shay, a tourist from Tel Aviv. As the previous night’s events return to her, she remembers that their condom broke.

Mort aux codes

Léopold Legrand

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2018 - 14' 55" - Color
Despite their high-security building, Death could easily get into their apartment.

Totul E Foarte Departe

Emanuel Parvu

Pays Romania
Genre Fiction
2018 - 15' - Color
An affectionate mother takes her younger son on a long trip to pay a surprise birthday visit to his elder brother. What they find at their destination will make the mother question her ideas of love and devotion.


Bérangère McNeese

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2019 - 24' - Couleur

Anna is 16, and lives with her young mother, Rebecca. It is the end of another summer defined by her mom's flings and conquests, but during which Anna begins to discover her own sensuality. As Anna learns she is pregnant, her mother sees herself in her daughter, at the same age, facing the same choices.

Bolas Criollas (Creole Balls)

Vittorio Dugarte Barbarito, Juan Vicente Manrique

Pays Venezuela
Genre Fiction
2018 - 12' - Color
Oscar and Paco live in a country where a fascist revolution has been imposed for the last 50 years forcing the people to enjoy their right of living stark naked.