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International Competition 5

22.04.2022 – 21.30 – Vendôme
24.04.2022 – 16.30 – Vendôme

Out of 3714 short films submissions, 59 films will compete for the prizes in the International Competition.

Winners of the Grand Prix in the International Competition and National Competitions are considered for pre-selection for the Oscars® in the Best Fiction/Animation Short Film category provided that the film complies with the Academy’s rules.

Brutalia, days of labour

Mavris Manolis

Pays Greece
Genre Fiction
2021 - 25'49" - Couleur
Perfectly identical girls, dressed in military uniforms, work day and night. A matriarchal family. An oligarchic society. What would happen if we replace bees with humans?


Mikael Gaudin

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2021 - 13'00" - Couleur
This summer afternoon, ten-year-old Antonin has a play date with his girlfriend Zohra. But Zohra has come with two cousins from the city who suggest a dangerous game: to cross a road as fast as possible just before the cars pass by.


Marie Valade

Pays Canada
Genre Animation
2021 - 07'16" - Couleur
A young woman is confronted with the birth of paper breasts on her body and must learn to tame a strange love-hate relationship with her femininity.

Partir un jour

Amélie Bonnin

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2021 - 24'00" - Noir et Blanc
After he graduated from high school, Julien left Normandy – where he was born and bred – to build a bigger life for himself in Paris, leaving his memories behind. But one day, it is time for him to go back, and all these memories violently come back to the surface.


Santiago Requejo

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
2021 - 14'00" - Couleur
During a neighbors meeting, a landlord generates controversy over his new tenant's condition.