19/08 – Tous à table

Zaterdag 19 augustus / Vaux-Hall (Warendepark)

Gratis toegang

Pour une poignée de girolles

Julien Grande

pour une poignée de girolles
Land Belgïe
Genre Animatie
2016 - 7' - Color
The epic day of a mushroom seeker.

Dans le cochon tout est bon

Iris Alexandre

dans le cochon tout est bon
Land Belgïe
Genre Animatie
2011 @nl - 4'45'' - Couleur
From live pig to the banquet, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything changes.

Tous à table

Ursula Meier

tous a table
Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2001 @nl - 30' - Noir et Blanc
Some friends meet at a birthday dinner. It's the end of the meal. The atmosphere is very lively: they sing, they drink, they hug, and tell jokes... and at that moment someone tells a riddle. There is no way that anyone is leaving the table now.


Margot Reumont

Land Belgïe
Genre Animatie
2014 @nl - 3'20'' - Couleur
At rush hour, a crowd of fruit fall asleep on a train and dream of a world where they grow on trees.


Alexis Van Stratum

Land Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 19' - Color
Since the death of her husband, Albertine, 81, was isolated  from the world and disconnected from all social life, apparently waiting for death impatiently.


Mathilde Remy

L'indigestion copy
Land Belgïe
Genre Animatie
2016 - 6'12'' - Color
A family dinner is organized for the anniversary of the grandmother. This meal is an opportunity to see the anguish, the fears, the wickedness of this family.