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Internationale Competitie 09

Die Schaukel des Sargmachers (The swing of the coffin )

Elmar Imanov

Pays Duitsland
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 29'58'' - Color
Azerbaijan. Yagub lives with his mentally disabled son Musa, with whom he easily loses patience, until a shattering piece of news from the doctor brings about a sudden change.

Shavi Tuta (Black mulberry)

Gabriel Razmadze

Pays Georgië
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 20'00'' - Color
In the mining city of Chiatura (Georgia), two teenagers spend a day together, far from their respective lives.

French Kiss

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 02'20'' - Color
A man and a woman meet just by chance and, somewhat unexpectedly, discuss sex in a foreign language.

45 degrees

Georgis Grigoraki

Pays Griekenland
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 14'35'' - Color
Athens, August 2012. 45 degrees. The fridge is empty. The situation is very tense. A father changes under the burden of the economic crisis. It’s getting dark and it's still boiling hot. A capital city on the verge of explosion.

The Importance of Sweet and Salt

Benoit De Clerck

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 13'00'' - Color
The Importance of Sweet & Salt is a tragicomedy about a man his inner struggle to escape from an extremely dysfunctional relationship with his wife. While preparing dinner for his spouse, the man contemplates his current predicament and comes to question his sanity.