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Internationale Competitie 2


Janne Schmidt

Pays Nederland
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 13' - Color
Teun has testicular cancer and needs chemotherapy. His roommates planned a farewell dinner for their good friend. The evening begins comfortably, but soon will be strong emotions. But what begins as a pleasant evening turns into emotional confrontation ...

Man kann nicht alles auf einmal tun, aber man kann alles auf einmal lassen

Marie-Elsa Sgualdo

Pays Zwitserland
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 15' - Color/B&W
You can't do everything at once, But you can leave averything at once

Belinda beautiful

Marianne Blicher

Pays Denemarken
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 23'09'' - Color
Being 14 can be a struggle against loneliness and low self-esteem. If you also happen to be in love with your handball coach, you are bound to end up in the most difficult situations. Belinda happens to complicate things for herself and the person who is closest to her. But isn’t friendship supposed to be stronger than that? HS


Thomas Kruithof

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 14'32'' - Color
Mathilde works in a Detention Center, where she helps illegal immigrants exercise their rights. Comes Yuri, an undocumented Ukrainian. Mathilde is going to do everything she can to save Yuri from deportation. But time is running out.

Penny Dreadful

Shane Atkinson

Pays Verenigde Staten
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 14'44" - Color
A novice crook gets involved in a ransom plot, but winds up kidnapping the wrong girl.