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Internationale Competitie 6


Vladilen Vierny

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 07' - Color
The shop will close in five minutes! A boy hurries to get everything on the shopping list his Mum gave him. But he hasn’t got enough money for everything.

Esa musica

Dario Vejarano

Pays Colombia
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 15' - Color
Omar receives a recorded message in his cell phone from an unknown caller. he vaguely recognizes a melody of a song amidst the noise of the recording. From that moment on, he starts a journey to find out the name of the song in an attempt to remember the life he once had with his family.


Ling Low

Pays Malaisie
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 12'19'' - Color
A couple who have broken up meet one last time to exchange their belongings, triggering unexpected feelings and the possibility for reconciliation

Ennui Ennui

Gabriel Abrantes

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 30' - Color
While the french ambassadress to Afghanistan is in the middle of disarmament negotiations with a Kuchi Nomad tribe, her daughter, Cleo, is Kidnapped by Afghanistan's only female warlord

The Captain

Nash Edgerton, Spencer Susser

Pays Australië, Verenigde Staten
Genre Fictie
2013 @nl - 6' - Color
A man wakes up with a hangover, only to discover the consequences of his actions.