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Internationale Competitie 11

Om du lämnar mig nu (If You Leave Me Now) van Maria Eriksson

Maria Eriksson

Pays Zweden
Genre Fictie
2014 - 18'22'' - Couleur
Frida is 19 and a mother to her own mother. Today is the day she's moving out and in with her boyfriend. Finally. But then the unthinkable happens, as it inevitably does. Mother starts crying. Uncontrollably. How can Frida ever break free when her beloved mother is suffocating her with guilt?

Bye bye Mélancolie van Romain Laguna

Romain Laguna

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2014 - 22' - Couleur
Bastille Day. Morad single-handedly mans the register of a little service station in the middle of nowhere. In the dead of night, he makes the acquaintance of Emma, a young ambulance driver who wishes she's been named Melancholy.

My Stuffed Granny van Effie Pappa

Effie Pappa

Pays Verenigd Koninkrijk
Genre Animatie
2014 - 09'33'' - Couleur
Little Sofia loves her grumpy granny, even though she is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive. To what extremes will they go to once granny is no more?

Nu azi (Not Today) van Cristina Iliescu

Cristina Iliescu

Pays Roemenië
Genre Fictie
2014 - 13'33' - Couleur
It's the story of Iulia, Tudor and their little daughter, Maria, coming back from the holiday spent in Austria. Although they appear as a wonderful family, nagged only by a few insignificant issues, their stop at a parking lot turns out fatal for their relationship.

Contrapelo van Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer

Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer

Pays Verenigde Staten
Genre Fictie
2014 - 19'40'' - Couleur
Contrapelo is the story of a proud Mexican barber who is forced to shave the leader of a drug cartel. As he faces the man who is destroying his country, he is confronted by a difficult decision: to become a killer, or to let this man continue to kill.