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Latvia 1

Treasures of the Sea (Jūras nauda) van Astra Zoldnere

Astra Zoldnere

Pays Letland
Genre Documentaire, Documentary
2013 @nl - 09'41'' - Couleur
A poetic portrait of the western coastline of Latvia that, accompanied by songs about fish and the sea, roaring of vessel engines and factory alacrity, gives a glimpse into the life by the sea where the smell of fish and sea water is still present.

Ten Minutes Older (Par desmit minutem vecaks) van Herz Frank

Herz Frank

Pays Letland
Genre Documentaire, Documentary
1978 @nl - 10' - Noir et Blanc
One of the most celebrated shorts presents close-ups of children watching a puppet show. Although the film’s spectators never see the puppets, there is a far more interesting show in the children’s faces as they are affected by different emotions.

Water (Udens) van Laila Pakalnina

Laila Pakalnina

Pays Letland
Genre Fictie
2006 @nl - 12' - Couleur
Maria decides to go for a swim in the pool even though it looks deserted and she has been warned that the water is cold. When she gets into the pool she is faced with not only the frigid water, but with her other feelings as well. Like fear.

Lost in Snow (Zudusi Sniega) van Vladimir Leschiov

Vladimir Leschiov

Pays Letland
Genre Animatie
2007 @nl - 8' - Couleur
In winter, some people go ice fishing. Excitement intensified by freezing temperatures and strong drinks lead to unpredictable consequences.

The White Bell (Baltie zvani) van Ivars Kraulitis

Ivars Kraulitis

Pays Letland
Genre Documentaire, Documentary
1961 @nl - 20' - Noir et Blanc
Little girl walks alone in the city trying to find white bellflowers she has seen in a flower shop window.

Safety Matches (Sērkociņi) van Didzis Eglītis

Didzis Eglītis

Pays Letland
Genre Fictie
2007 @nl - 12'42'' - Couleur
In Soviet Latvia a family spends a day by the lake. Father and son play ball, but the ball falls into the water. The father almost drowns trying to retrieve the ball, but is saved by an angler.