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Internationale Competitie 12

Takk for Turen

Henrik Martin K. Dahlsbakken

Pays Noorwegen
Genre Fictie
2016 - 18'55 - Color
A lifelong relationship is coming to an end, as we follow two elderly men and former athletes the last winter they are living together.

La Brêle sauvage

Greg Clément

Pays Zwitserland
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 27' - Color
Tired from the lack of availability of his friends, a punk musician decides to quit is hometown to start a band by himself and takes the road on his recently retrieved moped.

The Evening her Mind Jumped out of her Head

Kim Noce, Shaun Clark

Pays Verenigd Koninkrijk
Genre Animatie
2015 @nl - 7'32 - Color
One cold winter’s evening, a serious woman is forced to lighten up when her mind jumps out of her head.

Des Millions de Larmes

Natalie Beder

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 21'30 - Color
A deserted restaurant along the road. A sixty years old man is waiting there. A young woman makes her entry, a bag on the back, her life inside and the appearance fairly tired. He suggests her to come with him. She accepts.

Madam Black

Ivan Barge

Pays Nieuw-Zeeland
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 11'19 - Color
Un photographe écrase le chat d’une petite fille. Il va devoir inventer toute une histoire pour expliquer sa disparition.