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Internationale Competitie 3


Måns Berthas

Pays Zweden
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 19' - Color
Harsh midwinter. A frozen marriage in a remote cabin. A man from the past returns to seek revenge, and long lost feelings come alive. A wordless battle begins and the eternal triangle finally comes to an end.


Simon Cartwright

Pays Verenigd Koninkrijk
Genre Animatie
2015 @nl - 11' - Color
Glen is barely a man. In a desperate attempt to tap into his masculinity he attends a primal scream therapy session, which turns out impredictable.


Nelicia Low

Pays Singapore, Taiwan
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 15' - Color
When her husband cannot give her the love she needs, the lonely and insecure Hui will do anything to feel loved.

Le Dernier des Céfrans

Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2014 - 30' - Color
Remi is struggling to get by and has had enough. That's it: he's going to enlist. The problem is that he hasn't the courage to tell his four best friends: Boom, Nasser, Redouane et Moussa...

Weg Met Willem

Willem Bosch

Pays Nederland
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 12' - Color
Six year-old Willem’s parents drop him off in a strange village, leaving him with two unhygienic strangers. Hours later, Willem still hasn’t been collected.