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Nationale competitie 2

Un Grand Silence

Julie Gourdain

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 29'48 - Color
In 1968, Marianne is nineteen years old. She is placed in a home for young girls, far from her family and friends. In this home, Marianne meets other young girls whose secrets have become inconvenient.


François Troukens

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 9' - Color
After a failed heist, an old gangster takes control and has to teach two youngsters the tricks of the trade. Facing death, one of them chose to rebel.

No Offense

Kris Borghs

Pays Belgïe
Genre Animatie
2016 - 6'40 - Color
A number of cartoonists is being put on trial. The members of the jury don't hesitate to order death penalties upon their offenders. One of them refuses to accept his fate.

Petits Pas

Arthur Lecouturier

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 12'17 - Color
Between love and self-restraint, two sisters will have to recover their place, balance, and shattered complicity.

Le Zombie au vélo

Christophe Bourdon

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 24'48 - Color
Hard to find a job when you're over 40... Hard to live in an old in the middle of an old caravan in a deserted campground. Hard to believe in you when everyone gives you a funny look, talks rudely, adds insult to injury, Hard to find a sense to your life when your only haven is your rusty yellow bike. Hard to be the zombie with a bike....