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Miguel Ibarra

Pays Pérou
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 15' - Color

Love Killed My Virginity

Arber Aliaj

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 14'59 - Color
Brussels, 1999. Borian and his father Barjaktar have left behind a Kosovo in ruins. All day long, images of the war are playing on the TV. The signal breaks down. It’s a sign for Borian to meet his girlfriend Eva on the roof.

Que dalle

Arthus Pilorget, Hugo de Faucompret, Eva Lusbaronian, Caroline Cherrier, Johan Ravit

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Animatie
2015 @nl - 2'25 - Color
Steven, Sandrine, Joel & Thomas are pretty bored. From the soccer stadium to the garbage dump, to the playground & the supermarket parking, nothing seems to amuse them.


Matthias Sahli

Pays Zwitserland
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 13'26 - Color
The story of Max, who was sentenced to six months of house arrest. An elec- tronic monitoring unit called Percy helps him through his new daily life. One day Max realizes just how much influence Percy has on his life.

Du Bout des doigts

Basile Vuillemin

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 16'48 - Color
Alain refuses to accept the pessimistic diagnosis about his son, who has been in a vegetative state since his drowning. One night, he tells his wife and daughter that he intends to bring the child home to take care of him.

XYZ, The City Hunter

M. Tikal

Pays Belgïe
Genre Fictie
2015 @nl - 23'47 - Color
After the murder of her fiancé, Usagi Tanase seeks revenge. To do so, she contacts Ryo Saeba, the most famous assassin in Tokyo’s underground. But she doesn’t know that he is an incorrigible playboy.