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Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garcon

Justine Triet

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2011 @nl - 30'00'' - Color
Thomas is a young, single and penniless painter. When he convinces his best friend to host a party, he falls for the high-heeled Laetitia and her forward ways. They spend the night teetering between levity and tragedy.

Csicska (Beast)

Attila Till

Pays Hongarije
Genre Fictie
2011 @nl - 20'00'' - Color
István Balogh, a Hungarian farmer, has total control over his wife, family and slave. The characters face up to their tragic fate through their extreme relationships. This film was inspired by memories of people who have survived such situations.

Villa Antropoff

Kaspar Jancis, Vladimir Leschiov

Pays Estonia, Letland
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 12'52'' - Color
A man has nothing to lose except his dream. To make it come true, he embarks on a dangerous journey; but his destination is not what it seems.

Sessiz / Bé Deng (Silent)

L. Rezan Yesilbas

Pays Turkije
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 13'05'' - Color
1984. Zeynep, who lives with her three children, wants to visit her husband in prison. She is only able to speak her mother tongue, Kurdish, but only the Turkish language is allowed to be spoken in prison. She wants to bring a new pair of shoes to her husband, but it is forbidden to bring anything from outside to prisoners.

Im Freien (En plein air)

Albert Sackl

Pays Oostenrijk
Genre Fictie
2012 @nl - 23'00'' - Color
The title “In the open” should be taken literally as the camera turns to details of a barren, untouched landscape which serves as a projection surface for exploring the cinematic apparatus, and (de)constructing cinematic space, time, and movement.