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Who’s Who?

How can I finance my project? How can I protect my work? How can I manage the career of my film in festivals?

This dynamic info session based on a case study gives the opportunity to future professionals to meet important institutions and associations’ representatives of the film industry and ask them about their career path.

The 2022 edition is over. More info to come for 2023

The Who’s who is organised in French

For : students in cinema, young directors, young screenwiters

Registrations 2023 : to come

Free workshop, upon registration

Speakers 2022:

  • Rémi Allier - director
  • Centre du cinéma - Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Sabam
  • French-speaking Directors Association (ARRF)
  • Audiovisual Screenwriters Association (ASA)
  • SACD
  • Belgian Short Film Agency
  • Film Commission