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Who’s Who?

How can I finance my project? How can I protect my work? How can I manage the career of my film in festivals?


April 29th, 2024 

The Who’s who is organised in French and in Dutch


For : students in cinema, upcoming actors, directors, screenwiters and producers

3:15 - 4:15 pm

4:30 - 5:30 pm

Registrations via the form below

Free workshop, upon registration

This dynamic info session gives the opportunity to future professionals to meet important institutions and associations’ representatives of the Belgian film industry to ask them about their career path.

The Sabam, the SACD, the Centre du cinema, the VAF, the Belgian Short Film Agency, the UPFF, the ARRF, the ASA, the Scenaristengilde, Playright, deAuteurs… they will all be there to explain who they are and how they can help you.

Registration form / Formulaire d'inscription / Registratieformulier - Who's Who

    The attended insitutions will be the same for both sessions / Les structures seront strictement identiques lors des deux sessions / Dezelfde instellingen zullen op beide sessies aanwezig zijn
    This information is given as an indication, during your session time, you will be free to meet the institutions you wish / Cette information est donnée à titre indicatif, durant l’heure de votre session, vous serez libres de rencontrer les institutions que vous souhaitez / Deze informatie is louter informatief, je zal vrij zijn om je te richten tot de instellingen van je keuze