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European Short Film Audience Award

10 shorts on their way to conquer Europe!

ESFAA - carte

Along with 9 other emblematic European festivals, the Brussels Short Film Festival launches the European Short Film Audience Award (ESFAA): a selection of the very best European short films of last year awarded with a national audience award.

After winnning the favour of their national audience, 10 short films are on a quest to win the hearts of 511 million Europeans, who are invited to vote in favour of their favourite short film!

The winner of the first ESFAA, announced at the occasion of the 23rd BSFF Opening Ceremony is Yves Piat for Nefta Football Club

He receives a €3500 prize offered by the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium.

On the programme of the second edition of the European Short Film Audience Award (ESFAA) : 


by Grandmas

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival Bristol Audience Award

Barry, a mild mannered fool from somewhere in the Northwest attempts to elicit the help of his ex-girlfriend after brutally murdering his grandmother with a hammer.

teach a bird

To teach a bird to fly
by Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts

Tampere Film Festival Audience Award

A docufiction that tells the story of bird extinction from the point of view of northern bald ibis, and the reintroduction project attempting to bring this species back in Europe.

Revolvo 2

by Francy Fabritz

Interfilm - International Short Film Festival Berlin Audience Award

Two women are kidnapping a dubious right-wing politician by elegantly stealing his car with him caught in the boot. What seems like a supposedly harmless ride at first glance turns into a plan of revenge.



Mind My Mind
by Floor Adams

Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen Audience Award

Chris, an autistic young man who camouflages his obsession with dive bombers, gets by with the help of Hans, the little guy who lives in his head and translates Chris's social scripts for him. When zoologist Gwen invites Chris to meet her favorite chameleon, Chris and Hans move expeditiously ahead with a flirt script… but then the chameleon dies and Gwen needs Chris to go off script.

Une Soeur - Delphine Girard

Une Sœur
by Delphine Girard

Brussels Short Film Festival Audience Award

A night. A car. A woman in trouble. A call.


by Bruno Collet

Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival Audience Award

Recently, Louis, painter, is experiencing strange events. His world seems to be mutating. Slowly, furnitures, objects, people lose their realism. They are destructuring, sometimes disintegrating…

Manolo y Carmela 2

Manolo Montesco y Carmela Capuleto
by María Jáimez

Alciné - Festival de Cine Alcalá de Henares Audience Award

What would happen in the life of Romeo and Juliet if they had not died adolescents? How would their days be at 90?

Plus One

Plus One
by Myroslava Klochko

Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz Art Audience Award

Happy newlyweds Ida and Jura are expecting a child. Ida suddenly finds out that the child will be special. She is unsure of how Jura will react when he learns the news, or what life with an extraordinary child will bring.

*** Local Caption *** Les extraordinaires mésaventures de la jeune fille de pierre, Gabriel Abrantes, F/P 2019, V'19, Shorts

Les extra-ordinaires mésaventures de la jeune fille de pierre by Gabriel Abrantes

Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival Audience Award

Tired of being a banal architectural ornament, a sculpture runs away from the Louvre to confront real life on the streets of Paris.