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Musical Date

Each year, Sabam For Culture, in collaboration with the Brussels Short Film Festival organises a Musical Date in order to encourage encounters between composers and directors.

This event is now over

For: directors, producers

This event will be held in French and Dutch

Composers 2024: Margaret Hermant (Le coeur noir de fôrets) and Justine Bourgeus aka Tsar B (Samuel's Travels, Godvergeten).

During the Musical Date, two renowned composers meet with selected directors/producers and choose their favourite project for which they will compose an original score. Two grants of €2,500 are rewarded by Sabam For Culture for the winning projects.


Following six projects were selected in 2024

  • Coeur Gras - Alice Khol & Pierre Foulon (Kozak Films)
  • Happy End - Maarten Verhulst & Manon Van Caenegem (De Wereldvrede)
  • A Las Escondidas - Wendy Montellano & Rosa Galguera (Hilife Cinematography)
  • Undecidable - Emanuele Bosco & Giorgio La Rosa (Electric Sheep Productions)
  • Sim - Lynn Ryssen & Katleen Goossens (Bulletproof Cupid)
  • L'antre de la Galipote - Raphaël Delorme-Duc & Natacha Hostyn (IOTA production)

Winners Musical Date 2024:

  • SIM - Lynn Ryssen (Bulletproof Cupid), chosen by Margaret Hermant
  • A LAS CONDIDAS - Wendy Montellano (Hilife), chosen by Justine Bourgeus

Winners Musical Date 2023:

  • BACKSTAGE - Inès Eshun (Winnie Productions), chosen by Aiko Devriendt
  • TOUCH ME - Tom Dupont (De Wereldvrede), chosen by Catherine Graindorge

Winners 2022:

  • Cimarron, Rémi Vandenitte & Cédric Bourgeois (Zorobabel, Lardux Films) chosen by Vincent Cahay
  • Nkondi, Michael Palmaers & Frederik Palmaers (S.O.I.L Productions) chosen by Ruben de Gheselle