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Musical Date

Each year, Sabam For Culture, in collaboration with the Brussels Short Film Festival organises a Musical Date in order to encourage encounters between composers and directors.

The 2022 edition is over. More info to come for 2023

The Musical Date is organised in French and Dutch

For: directors, producers

Call for projects 2023 : to come

During the Musical Date, two renowned composers meet with selected directors/producers and choose their favourite project for which they will compose an original score. Two grants of 2500€ are rewarded by Sabam For Culture for the winning projects.

Composers 2022: Vincent Cahay (Magritte 2022 for Adoration), Ruben De Gheselle (Ensor 2022 for Clara Sola)

Selection 2022: 

- Poumpo, Anthony Tueni (Monkey Productions)
- Nkondi, Michael Palmaers & Frederik Palmaers (Soil)
- Futur Antérieur, Amélie Navarro & Gaëtan D'Agostino (Néon Rouge)
- Le Festin du Géant, Eve de Roeck (Ozù Productions)
- Chez Ali, Anne-Lise Morin (Angie Productions)
- Cimarron, Rémi Vandenitte & Cédrice Bourgeois (Zorobabel)
- Sofa, Rémi Quodbach (Koko arrose la culture)

Winners 2022:

  • Cimarron, Rémi Vandenitte & Cédric Bourgeois (Zorobabel, Lardux Films) chosen by Vincent Cahay
  • Nkondi, Michael Palmaers & Frederik Palmaers (S.O.I.L Productions) chosen by Ruben de Gheselle