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Pitching workshop

To pitch, or how to sell your project in a few minutes!

These workshops are now over

For: screenwriters, directors

Registrations are now closed

Two parallel workshops will be held, in French and in Dutch

Led by authors and producers, the French speaking pitching workshop is organised with the SACD and the UPFF and the Dutch speaking pitching workshop is organised with the Scenaristengilde and the deAuteurs. It offers the opportunity to learn about pitch techniques in order to be able to convince a producer in a few minutes.


  • Learn how to pitch your project
  • Have the opportunity to put your project forward in front of professionals
  • Receive feedback on your pitch

In 2023, the French workshop was given by:

  • Annabella Nezri (producer - Kwassa Films)
  • Romain Leloux (distributour - Imagine Film)
  • Alix De Montblanc (co-production manager at BeTV)

And was moderated by Emma Vigand (Cineuropa)

Les informations concernant l’atelier 2022 seront disponibles prochainement