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Internationale Competitie 7

2055 – En Kjærlighetshistorie

Kaspar Synnevåg

Pays Noorwegen
Genre Fictie
2017 - 12'40'' - Color
In year 2055 a documentary team visits a wealthy county in a remote part of Norway, to do a story on how the government recently have started sending human-like robots to care for the elders in their homes. We meet Thomas, a lonely retiree, who has fallen unhappily in love with his robot-nurse Anna.

Fast Alles

Lisa Gertsch

Pays Zwitserland
Genre Fictie
2017 - 24'43'' - Color
Leandra has to bring her husband Paul into a retirement home. At the age of 47 years, he suffers from Alzheimer's. But Paul doesn't want to go to the home. He'd rather make holidays with his wife.


Farnoosh Samadi

Pays Iran @
Genre Fictie
2017 - 14'28'' - Color
Na een werkdag zit een vrouw op de bus en ziet ze iets gebeuren dat haar in een ongemakkelijke situatie brengt; onthullen wat ze heeft gezien of niets zeggen.

Latin Babylon

Ahmet Necdet Cupur

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2017 - 15' - Color
Three Turkish workers traverse Iraq in a jeep heading to an American military base construction only to find themselves confronting Iraqi adolescent soldiers in a checkpoint.

London Tomorrow

Nimer Rashed

Pays Verenigd Koninkrijk
Genre Fictie
2017 - 12'59'' - Color
A 10-year-old refugee living in the 'Jungle' refugee camp of Calais seizes the opportunity to escape to a better life - whatever the cost.


Juan Silva López

Pays Spanje
Genre Fictie
2016 - 5'02'' - Color
This short film tells the story of two characters immersed in organized crime. On what seems to be just one more day of their regular and dark routine, they make the mistake of getting rid of a body in the wrong place.