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Internationale Competitie 8

29 april 2018 – 18:00 – Flagey

2 mei 2018 – 21:30 – Vendôme


Andreas Thaulow

Pays Denemarken
Genre Fictie
2016 - 4'45'' - Couleur
A young boy's violent imagination helps him to bond with a criminal.

Entre Paredes

Ruth Caudeli

Pays Colombia
Genre Fictie
2017 - 19' - Color
Isabella, Mario and Cristina search in an app to do a threesome. They meet in a motel room between sex and drugs. Are strangers the ones who knows us the best?


Vangelis Liberopoulos

Pays Griekenland
Genre Fictie
2016 - 33' - Color
Most adults dream of staying in childhood forever; go through life like a game, free of society’s rules and restrictions. Five employees in a metal company put this dream into effect. What they find is: you may escape the rules but you can’t escape the consequences nor your personal responsibility.

Nakaw (Steal)

Noel Escondo et Arvin Belarmino

Genre Fictie
2017 - 7' - Color
The story of Bateng, a boy who triggers a series of life-changing events when he steals an old woman's purse.

La nuit je mens

Aurélia Morali

Pays Frankrijk
Genre Fictie
2017 - 22' - Color
A pretty girl meets a strange man, during a night. Step by step the lies they tell each other would conduce them to a true romance.