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Next Generation 5

Cowboys Janken Ook

Mees Peijnenburg

Pays Netherlands
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 25'00'' - Color
Sven and Gijs are one another’s best friends. When the two of them end up in a fight on a night out in Amsterdam, Gijs gets beaten into a coma. Sven struggles with feelings of guilt and the fear of losing his best friend.

Rudy Bunny Suzy

Thomas Deknop

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 14'47'' - Color
Rudy is a beloved police officer. Every day he solves many problems in his district. What nobody knows is that Rudy weekly drills holes in the changing rooms of a swimming pool for peeping at women


Musab Tekin

Pays Turkey
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 5'25'' - Color
A national movement can be illustrated through a pair of shoes.


Cristina Grosan

Pays Hungary
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 14'35'' - Color
Adam and Juli are brother and sister, but their love is anything but ordinary. They move to the big city to life together. But this is the day their secret falls flat: they have to tell their mother that they have taken it too far.

Letzte Spuren

Norbert Kottmann, Olivier Rogers

Pays Switzerland
Genre Documentary
2013 @en - 06'31'' - Color/B&W
What happens after a corpse has gone unnoticed for days or even weeks? What happens to the place the body was found? Sven Grossmann deals with these types of questions and has made a living from cleaning up after death

Ikke tenk pâ det engang

Jannicke Hansen

Pays Norway
2013 @en - 15'08'' - Color
It’s the story about Trond-Soeren, a man in search of meaning in what seems to be an absurd, lonely and gloomy existence. After meeting the two police officers who are investigating a murder case, Trond-Soeren discovers a whole new world.