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Everything’s fine ! #1

27 April 2019 – 18:00 – Lumen

2 May 2019 – 20:00 – Lumen

Crise d’empathie

Guillaume Desjardins, Jérémy Bernard, Bastien Ughetto

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 10' 47'' - Color
A young woman is forcefully submitted to a rehabilitation program due to her empathetic nature.

Tous à la manif

Laurent Cantet

Pays France
Genre Fiction
1994 @en - 26' - Color
A few high school pupils are organising a demonstration in the bar where Serge is employed as a waiter by his father. He tries to join in.

Los Desheredados

Laura Ferrés

Pays Spain
Genre Documentary
2017 - 18'58'' - Color
Los Desheredados is a portrait of the director's father and details the end of their family business, a bus company.

La reprise du travail aux usines Wonder

Jacques Willemont

Pays France
Genre Documentary
1968 - 10' 23'' - Black & White
While Donald Trump is undergoing heart surgery, a portal to another reality opens. All the Latino immigrants are teleported to the Mexico-United States border, which is divided by an enormous wall. A hilarious war breaks between the stereotypical Latinos and a Trump-like mecha robot that is trying to get them to pay for the wall.

Les Petites Mains

Rémi Allier

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2017 - 15' - Color
Leo, 2, is the son of the director of a chemical plant. When workers find out that the direction is about to close the factory, Bruno, a more radical worker, kidnaps Leo to negotiate...


Alejandro Damiani

Pays Mexico
Genre Animation, Fiction
2016 - 5' - Color
While Donald Trump is undergoing heart surgery, a portal to another reality opens. Latinos start falling from the sky to the desert, on the Mexico - US border, divided by an enormous wall. An hilarious war breaks between a Trump-like mecha robot and several stereotypical Mexican Latinos.