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Short Rounds

01.09.2021 – 14.00 – Vendôme

With films like Raging Bull, Rocky, When We Were Kings, boxing is one of the most cinematographic sports ever. The BSFF proposes this year to the audience to discover how short film grabbed this noble art.

Black Mamba

Amel Guellaty

Pays Tunisia
Genre Fiction
2017 - 20' - Couleur
Sarra, jeune fille de la classe moyenne de Tunis, mène, en apparence, la vie ordinaire que sa mère lui a tracée : elle prend des cours de couture et s’apprête à épouser un gentil garçon. Mais Sarra a d’autres plans inavoués à travers lesquels elle veut échapper à sa vie actuelle.


Matthew Barton

Pays France
Genre Documentary
2018 - 9'06'' - Color
Adversity breeds escapism. Exercise releases stress. The demolition of the Calais Jungle experienced through the prism of the camp’s boxing club.

Diamante, O Bailarina

Pedro Jorge

Pays Brazil
Genre Fiction
2016 - 22'30'' - Color
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Digs for pennies

Evin O'Neill

Pays Ireland
Genre Fiction
2017 - 16' - Color
In late 1800s Ireland, a bareknuckle boxer and his manager travel the countryside from fight to fight, making a living from bets and the small purses on offer. The boxer is trying to save money to emigrate but he’s starting to suspect his manager, and best friend, is ripping him off.

Le carré de lumière

Claude Luyet

Pays Switzerland
Genre Animation
1992 - 5' - Color
A short parable on pictures in motion. The vision of a boxer deceived by his reflection. His illusion intensifies and suddenly shaffers.

Soigne ton gauche

René Clément

Pays France
Genre Fiction
1936 - 13' - Black & White
A boxer is out in the country with his entourage, training for his next fight. Meanwhile, on the farm nearby, Roger is neglecting his chores. As he watches the boxer and his sparring partners at work, Roger starts to fantasize about being a boxer himself. Then, when none of the boxer's sparring partners can continue, he is asked to fill in, although he doesn't know anything about how to box.