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National Competition 4

23.04.2022 – 19.30 – Flagey
27.04.2022 – 13.30 – Flagey

To gather and discover films from North and South of the country.
From nearly 300 films received, 37 films will compete in the National Competition.


Eric Ledune

Pays Belgium, France
Genre Animation
2022 - 17'42" - Color
Camille, 5 years old, takes a naive and rebellious look at her dad, a trader. From easy money to contempt for the poorest, she candidly observes the excesses of a capitalist society in the midst of a crisis that will take her dear dad from greatness to decadence…

Le rite

Niels Schneider

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2021 - 28'00" - Color
Anne divides her life between the primary school where she teaches and her home where she engages in a strange ritual with her son Simon. But her daughter Helena, whom she hasn’t seen in a long time, is in town for a special performance of The Rite of Spring.

Les huîtres

Maïa Descamps

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2021 - 23'31" - Color
Mouths stay shut like the oysters these women are busy opening. But as shells shatter and hands are torn, truth rises to the surface.


François Bierry

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2021 - 12'01" - Color
This is the story of a tiger who goes to conquer the love of his life. It's the story of a tiger to whom his buddy must absolutely say something. It is the tragi-comedy of a paper tiger.


Quentin Moll-Van Roye

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2021 - 20'52" - Color
At the end of 2020, a report gathers the testimonies of 17 trans sex workers in the Yser neighborhood of Brussels. One of them has accepted to speak on camera in order to shed light on the violence they suffer.