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National Competition 1

26.04.2023 – 21.30 – Flagey
03.05.2023 – 14.00 – Flagey

To gather and discover films from North and South of the country.
From nearly 300 films received, 37 films will compete in the National Competition.

Monsieur William (Mister William)

Maëlle Grand Bossi

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2023 - 25' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN/NL
William plays the freeloader at receptions and tries to keep up appearances... until he meets Anne-Claire, an executive on the verge of burnout. For one evening, William draws her into his world, even if it means exposing his desires and weaknesses.

Alice et les soleils (Alice and the sunflowers)

Théo Degen, Charlotte Muller

Pays Belgium, Switzerland
Genre Fiction
2022 - 24'52" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN/NL
It was summertime on Lake Geneva. Alice was bored. One day, she met Zack in the middle of a sunflower field. Today the summer is over. Before dying, the faded sunflowers tell us the story of this invisible love.

Je suis rentrée (I’m Back Home)

Valentine Lapière

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2023 - 19'14'' - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR ST EN/NL
Mathilde returns to the village where she grew up. After three years of absence, she finds her mother.

L’Interview de Guillaume Bogaert (Interviewing Guillaume Bogaert)

Fabrice Chan

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2022 - 24'17" - Couleur - Sous-titres: VO FR/NL STEN/FR/NL
When Guillaume Bogaert (28) learns that he has a serious health problem, he asks a film crew to make a documentary of him. In case he won’t survive, he wants to leave a memory for his loved ones.