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Submissions for the International and Next Generation Competitions are closed.

Submissions for the National Competition are open till March 1st!

National Competition

  Deadline submission : March 1st, 2018
♦  Online submission on  Reelportou     Short-Film-Depot---logo
To be admitted, each film must match the following requirements :

  • The society of production of the film has to be located in Belgium;
  • Films don’t have to exceed 40 minutes in length, all genres are accepted ;
  • Films have to be produced (or the 1st public exhibition) after November 1, 2016 ;
  • Films have to be available for Festival screening on DCP and mp4. codec H264 - 10 Mbs - 1920 x 1080;

    The student films have to be submitted to the Student Films Competition “Next Generation”.

 International Competition

  ♦  Submissions are closes

International Competition 'Next Generation'

= International Competition for student films

  ♦  Submissions are closes

National Competition 'Next Generation' 

= National Competition for student films

  ♦  Submissions are closes