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Speed pitching

The six selected screenwriters of the scriptwriting contest will have the opportunity to participate to the Speed pitching workshop.

They will have five minutes to present their short film project to six professionals.

May 4, 2023, 3pm-5:30pm


The speed pitching is organised in French

For : Only for the selected participants of the scriptwriting contest.

The 6 selected participants for the scriptwriting contest will participate to the Speed Pitching.

The 6 pitchers have 5 minutes each to present their short film project to 6 professionals. This is a unique opportunity to present their project in front of several professionals and maybe to begin a collaboration with one of them.

In 2023, the screenwriters selected for the scriptwriting competition will pitch their project to

  • Diego De Vigne (Scope Pictures)
  • Marina Festré (Daylight Films)
  • Sébastien Bindels (Anga Productions)
  • Natacha Hostyn (Iota Production)
  • Benjamin D'Aoust (scénariste)

The best pitch receives 500€ (writing grant) awarded by SACD.

Winner 2022: Julien Bernard-Simmonds & Pierre Fortin for Une nuit d'avance.
Special mention : Thomas Damas for Exister.