International Competition 9

3 May 2018 – 14:00 – Flagey

5 May 2018 – 19:30 – Vendôme


Arthur Cahn

Inter - Herculanum
Country France
Genre Fiction
2016 - 21' - Color
Three "rendezvous". Two men. A volcano that roars.

Nachsaison (Late Season)

Leitner Daniela

Country Austria
Genre Animation
2017 - 7'26'' - Color
An elderly couple seem to have lost their affections for one another. One day at the beach, after falling asleep, something incredible happens with them - something that rekindles their long lost romantic feelings.


Mireia Noguera

Inter - Centrifugado
Country Spain
Genre Fiction
2017 - 11' - Color
A young man helps an old lady to carry laundry to her house. Once inside, the woman isn’t willing to let him go.

Make Aliens Dance

Petretti SeÌbastien

Nationale - Make-Aliens-Dance-S copy
Country Belgium
Genre Fiction
2017 - 24' - Color
Gillingham, UK, 2017. Mike is a music producer in free fall. Dan, his sound engineer is tired. Murphy, his brother isolates himself, hanging day and night on to his headphones, while Lilli, their mother, seems to slip out of reality.


Dian Weys

Inter - Versnel
Country South Africa
Genre Fiction
2017 - 11'51'' - Color
Two paramedics stare death in the face while attempting to save a patient's life. The film is based on real and current events in and around Cape Town.


Arkadij Khaet

Inter - Scheideweg
Country Germany
Genre Fiction
2017 - 4' - Color
One Boy, One Girl and her Stepbrother. A date goes wrong. This movie was made for the entrance examination at the Film Academy Baden – Württemberg. The examination was to create a movie under the topic “sexual determination” in only 72 hours time.