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Completo by Iván D. Gaona

Iván D. Gaona

Pays Colombia
Genre Fiction
2014 - 16’ - Couleur
Completo and Lizardo deliver milk around the village. Tired of his employee giving free milk to the girl he likes, Lizardo offers Completo a reward so he can ask her out on Sunday, only if makes his most difficult client to pay what he owes.

Pedro Malheur by Camila Beltran

Camila Beltran

Pays France, Mexico
Genre Fiction
2013 @en - 18’12’’ - Couleur
This is the story of Pedro, a donkey-zebra who under the influence of alcohol kills his master and takes to the lone road to the beach in the middle of the night. Dawn puts Pedro in front of a wild sea, the donkey feels the sand and watches the waves before the arrival of the rain.

Brasil by Aly Muritiba

Aly Muritiba

Pays Brazil
Genre Fiction
2014 - 13’ - Noir et Blanc
This is an exiting night in the life of Nelson and Lucas. They are preparing to march to the government hall. Nelson is a elite squad police officer. Lucas, his brother, prepares posters and Molotov cocktail to ignite the crowds.

Cabezon by Jairo Boisier

Jairo Boisier

Pays Chile
Genre Fiction
2014 - 25’ - Couleur
A painter receives an unexpected request: to portray Cabezón, a huge English mastiff. The painting process will test the relationship between the artist and his pet model.

La Donna by Nicolas Dolensky

Nicolas Dolensky

Pays Argentina
Genre Fiction
2014 - 14’34’’ - Couleur
One night. A couple. One guest. A table immersed in alcohol, singing, play. Seduction. Decline. Emptiness.