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International Competition 9


Eefje Suijkerbuijk

Pays Netherlands
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 14' - Color
Charlotte is seventeen and yearns for maturity and a real life. When her parents refuse to fund Charlotte’s first unsupervised holiday with her friends to Blanes, she threatens to resort to prostitution : she’ll auction her first time.

Doug & Walter

Morris Samuel

Pays Switzerland
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 27'21 - Color
A bizarre road trip of two outsiders in the midst of the Swiss hills. Doug and Walter are an uneven couple. Doug, a US American in his 50s with a burnout has just been fired. Walter, his former co-worker, is a shy guy and admires Doug.

J’ai mal occupé ma jeunesse

Anne Agüero

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 17'14 - Color
Empty bottles and bodies strewn over the living-room floor of a house. 20-year-old Marie is woken by the telephone. She is called to her grandmother’s bedside. Clinical surroundings, elderly residents on their last legs. Marie feels an overwhelming desire to escape.

La Plage

Keren Ben Rafael

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2015 @en - 19' - Color
Head in the sun, feet in the water, even at the beach people have a hard time relaxing. The noise of their thoughts drowns out what's happening just a few meters away.

Down by Love

José Corral

Pays Spain
Genre Animation, Fiction
2016 - 13'45 - Color
Martin is an unscrupulous chap who has never cared about anyone but himself. Until he meets Irina, a Russian girl.