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International Competition 12


Lisa Reich

Pays Germany
Genre Fiction
2017 - 13'55'' - Black & White
During a dance rehearsal, JONAS, receives the instruction to kiss his dance partner and secret crush MIRA. He is so busy hiding his insecurities, that he doesn’t even notice how similiar Mira experiences the situation.

Facing Mecca

Mack Jan-Eric

Pays Switzerland
Genre Fiction
2017 - 25' - Color
Roli, a pensioner, gives a helping hand to refugee Syrian Fareed who wants to bury his late wife in Switzerland. However, both are confronted with insurmountable administrative obstacles to which Roli finds a wonderfully simple answer …

Lost in the Middle

Senne Dehandschutter

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2017 - 16'42'' - Color
Steven and Abdel, two young Belgians, leave for Syria - one as a journalist and one as a fighter. Yet they have more in common than you might think.


Sarah Arnold

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2017 - 25' - Color
Faced with the injustices of this world, Margot has lost all hope in the future. Giving up on politics, she decides to entrust her fate to the Dardu, a legendary carp that supposedly predicts the future. But the lake’s rules have changed: fishing is now forbidden.

Taking Stock

Cowles Duncan

Pays United Kingdom
Genre Fiction
2017 - 4'18'' - Color
Using his failed attempts at creating profitable stock footage, a filmmaker reflects on the absurd, mundane and funny side of being trapped inside your own head as an out of work, self-employed freelancer.