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Festival of Biarritz (Latino)

5 May 2018 – 18:00 – Flagey

We offer a ‘carte blanche’ to the Latin American Movie Festival of Biarritz. A unique chance to get a sense of Latin American shorts they awarded last year and a good way to celebrate two cities which have teamed up since 1959: Ixelles and Biarritz.


Andrés Ramirez Pulido

Pays Brazil, Colombia
Genre Fiction
2017 - 14'51'' - Color
Deep inside the jungle, a group of teenage girls are being kept under supervision. Despite abandonment and hostility, Damiana hopes she can get in touch with her father.

Centauro (Centaur)

Nicolás Suárez

Pays Argentina
Genre Fiction
2017 - 13'35'' - Color
A man falls from a horse and can no longer be saved. Man and horse become one, for a short moment.

Postergados (Postponed)

Carolina Markowicz

Pays Brazil
Genre Fiction
2017 - 17'03'' - Color
As Fernando Pessoa would say, we are all postponed corpses.


Sofía Quirós Ubeda

Pays Argentina, Chile
Genre Fiction
2016 - 17' - Color
The land expels and the ocean drowns, departures repeat themselves with each generation. Selva dances within voices and memories, in a game that prepares her for the inevitable separation.

Riña de gatos (Cat Fight)

Jairo Boisier

Pays Chile
Genre Documentary
2017 - 24'04'' - Color
After a fight between felines, Leon's cat never reappeared. Years passed, Leon grew up. One day, his father, a painter, tried to revive the beast in a canvas based on the mystery. But Leon knew. As he had seen the fight, he wanted to depict it in turn in a wall painting.


Alejo Schettini & Germán Tejeira

Pays Uruguay
Genre Animation
2017 - 5'37'' - Color
In a city besieged by the cold, Irma, an old dressmaker, lives in a building where the heating has been broken. One day she will make the decision to do something for her neighbors.