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Korean retrospective : Famous director’s school films

Discover new paths! Let’s go to Korea with two retrospectives: one program for the awarded short films from the SESIFF (Seoul International Extreme-Short Image of Film Festival) and another one will promote the film of the students from the KAFA (Korean Academy of Film Arts).

2001 Imagine

Jang Joon-hwan

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
1994 @en - 30'35'' - Color
John, a factory worker, believes himself to be the reincarnation of John Lennon.

Homo Videocus

Lee Je-yong, H. Daniel BYUN 

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
1991 @en - 19'42'' - Color
A boy watches television day after day. Mimicking his hero, Travis from "Taxi driver", he enters the outside world to purge it of evil.


Bong Jun-ho

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
1994 @en - 30'20'' - Color
An editorial writer who habitually steals milk as he goes for his morning jog, an elite prosecutor who is caught by a security guard as he is about to urinate on the street, and a university professor who enjoys pornographic magazines, get together on a television programme to discuss social issues.

Pale Blue Dot

Kim Tae-yong, Min Kyu-dong

Pays South Korea
Genre Fiction
1998 - 14'35'' - Color
A man dedicates himself to zen meditation to save the world. After meeting a prophet rabbit, named Galileo, he sets on a journey for further enlightenment.