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Swiss retrospective : Documentaries

29 April 2018 – 21:00 – Vendôme

26 April 2018 – 21:00 – Vendôme

This year, the Festival honours Switzerland through 3 programs: one program dedicated to the French-Swiss moviemaker Ursula Meier who received lots of primes, a second program dedicated to the Swiss documentary and a third program to promote the short films of the students from the ECAL.

In collaboration with swissfilm

Salade Russe

Eileen Hofer

Pays Switzerland
Genre Documentary
2017 - 26’ - Black & White
Between melancholia and fights, between laughter and anger, six members of former USSR share a dinner. They are trying to remember the good days of the Soviet Union, a lost universe. They used to be unified with a common education but today they are from six different countries with six different languages.


Marcel Barelli

Pays Switzerland
Genre Animation, Documentary
2015 @en - 7’ - Color
The forgotten story of the nuclear reactor in the Swiss town of Lucens, which was switched off a year after activation due to an incident.


Anne-Claire Adet

Pays Switzerland
Genre Documentary
2016 - 14’03" - Color
Footage taken from refugees mobile phones describe the agonising and suffocating experience of Mohammad in an underground shelter in Geneva where, with many others, he was sent upon arrival.

Cairo 52

Dominique Birrer

Pays Switzerland
Genre Animation, Documentary
2014 - 5' - Color
On Friday 11th may 2001, police forces raided a disco on a boat, the Queen Boat and arrested 52 homosexuals. They were convicted of debauchery and put into jail for several years.

Digital Immigrants

Dennis Stauffer & Norbert Kottmann

Pays Switzerland
Genre Documentary
2016 - 21' - Color
A group of senior citizens is trying to find their place in the digital age.


Nikola Illic

Pays Serbia, Switzerland
Genre Documentary
2016 - 18’51 - Color
Every year, a small, pugnacious Serbian village holds the Rakijada - a schnapps Olympiad. This red thread allows us to examine the Serbian soul from a new point of view, while never losing sight of typical Balkan humour.