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National Competition 1

26 April 2019 – 19:00 – Vendôme

2 May 2019 – 22:00 – Lumen

Une sœur

Delphine Girard

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 16' 29" - Color

A night. A car. A woman in trouble. A call.

Et Arnaud

Thomas Damas

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2018 - 25' - Color

Make a movie to make a meeting. Make a movie to talk about my brother. Arnaud has become an animal locked in a cage which he himself keeps the door closed. Everything is vague. He wanders endlessly.

My Bird

Gwendoline Gamboa

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2018 - 3'44" - Color
- Let's set this place on fire and hit the road ! Really fast and topless ! - But what about the kids ?


Raphaël Crombez

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 24' - Color
Elias and Nora discover that their daughter Léa is the fountain of life in human form. Through mutual contact with water, she can cure anyone of anything. But it's not without consequence.

Avenue Louise

Thierry Dory

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 30' - Color
After going bankrupt and the break-up with his wife, Bernard ends up in a half-empty camping lost in Walloon Brabant, the Beau Vallon...