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Le goût framboise

David Noblet

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 18'50" - Color
Aslinn, an astronaut, is about to set off on a settlement mission on Mars. A one-way ticket. She spends her final day on Earth in the company of her sister in the middle of the field full of wind turbines from their childhood.

DOLFIN MEGUMI (Rubber Dolphin)

Aharon Ori

Pays Israel
Genre Fiction
2018 - 28'34'' - Color
A gay love story set in a one bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they have sex, they fall in love. Will it last until the morning comes?


Hossein Jabbari

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2018 - 24' - Color
Sophia lives in a squat in downtown Brussels, where she tries to fulfill her responsibilities as a young mother while maintaining her freedom as an artist. Through glimpses of her daily life, this film explores the intimate relationship between a mother and son against the backdrop of a unique urban community.


Benjamin Pfohl

Pays Germany
Genre Fiction
2019 - 12' - Color
Travelling to a remote cabin in the alps, a shy teenage girl has to decide if to pursue her own path on earth or to follow her parents, members of a cosmic cult, through a fatal procedure into a higher existence on Jupiter.

Simon Pleure

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 19' - Color

Simon, wrecked by a love sorrow, overflows with sadness. He literally starts to shed all the tears of his whole body. He has to face this new physical state that he’s incapable to stop. An encounter will allow him to take a step back from his pain, to point to another perception of sorrow.