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28 April 2019 – 17:30 – Flagey

2 May 2019 – 16:00 – Lumen


Flo Van Deuren

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 19'13" - Color
Bamboo plants only bloom once, but if one does, all nearby plants go along. The same thing happens to a bunch of thirteen year old girls who are spending their summer days on an abandoned piece of land, overgrown by bamboo. When a mysterious man arrives on the girls property, they let go of their carefree summer one by one.

La mugre

Berta Galvany, Pau Bösch

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
2019 - 20' - Color
Cheap disco lights, Spotify playlists and a lot of beer cans: that’s the party where Ada, Rita and Marc are celebrating once more their eternal youth. They dance, drink and love each other, surrounded by their music and their people. It’s starting to get warmer; they’ve got all summer and all their lives ahead of them.

Hello Emptiness

Louison Chambon

Pays Belgium
Genre Animation
2018 - 5' - Black & White
Eli has lost a part of his being somewhere and now he has a huge void in him. He will seek comfort from his family, look for a cure from a doctor and his friends will try to react somehow.

Vrzel (Chasm)

Ana Trebše

Pays Serbia
Genre Fiction
2018 - 20' - Color
After ending a long term relationship, Klara moves to her own place. She maintains contacts with Jure, her ex through occasional friendly phone calls. But when Klara senses a trail of a new woman in Jure's life, she gets pulled into a whirl of overthinking, doubts in her decision and herself.

Et Arnaud

Thomas Damas

Pays Belgium
Genre Documentary
2018 - 25' - Color

Make a movie to make a meeting. Make a movie to talk about my brother. Arnaud has become an animal locked in a cage which he himself keeps the door closed. Everything is vague. He wanders endlessly.

Wild Love

P. Autric, Q. Camus, L. Georges, M. Laudet, Z. Sottiaux, C. Yvergniaux

Pays France
Genre Animation
2018 - 6'55'' - Color
While on a romantic getaway, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident. This crime won't remain unpunished...