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29 April 2019 – 21:30 – Flagey

3 May 2019 – 18:00 – Flagey


José Daniel Granados Carranza

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 20' - Color
Aiming to fix their relationship Armando and Julietta decide to spend Christmas abroad. They end up learning that some broken things are too difficult to fix.


Adib Shadi

Pays Germany
Genre Animation
2018 - 7'18'' - Couleur
A mousetrap snaps shut, a market place awakens. A group of men heatedly discuss how to kill the animal in the little box. One after the other, they try to trump each other’s sadistic fantasies, and even a stranger’s suggestion to let the creature loose, turns out to be a sick manipulation.

Accord Parental

Benjamin Belloir

Pays Belgium
Genre Fiction
2018 - 18'30" - Color
Clémentine, 19 years old, lives with her mother and young brother, Raphaël. A young, melancholy girl, she escapes her routine by being paid for live sex webcams with strangers. One evening, during one of her sessions, Raphaël surprizes her. Shocked, he threatens to tell their mother everything. The family's stability is threatened...

Are you listening, mother?

Tuna Kaptan

Pays Germany, Turkey
Genre Fiction
2018 - 20' - Color
A Kurdish woman is sentenced to six years of house arrest with an electronic ankle bracelet. The charge: supporting terrorist activities. From now on an invisible border runs through her garden in a Turkish village, which she repeatedly trespasses. Her older son is torn between obedience and rebellion. How far will he go to protect his mother from further punishment?

Flaskhals (Bottleneck)

Pella Olsson

Pays Sweden
Genre Animation
2019 - 3'20'' - Color
Sofy’s job is putting caps on bottles. The work is monotonous and seemingly endless. The pace is fast and Sofy must hurry to keep up. But this day she is interrupted when one bottle arrives with a cap already attached. This throws off Sofy’s routine and she misses a couple of bottles. By chasing after the missed bottles she is taken on a revelatory journey through the factory.


Carlos Abascal Peiro

Pays France
Genre Fiction
2018 - 27' 36" - Color
Christmas 2018. Isabelle Barrère has just been appointed leader of her party. Her son, Jupiter, a parliamentary assistant, has to receive a unique protocol gift that evening: Ortega ham.