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European Film Awards – Short Matters! #1

04.09 – 15.30 – FLAGEY 5

Discover 3 programs composed of awarded shorts at famous film festivals such as Berlin, Venice or Rotterdam.

(Fool Time) Job

Gilles Cuvelier

Pays France
Genre Animation
2017 - 16' - Black & White
Pedro has found a new job. A kind of strange one, but these days, he can't afford to be fussy. It's a real chance! Anyway, he's never been the kind of getting cold feet ...

Edna (One of Many)

Vuk Mitevski

Pays North Macedonia
Genre Animation
2019 - 11' - Black & White
An 11-minutes animation which was inspired by the refugee crisis, where Macedonia played the unfortunate role of a transit country; in essence it is a love story set in a very unusual circumstances, told in a very abstract and poetic way.

En Værdig Mand (A Worthy Man)

Kristian Håskjold

Pays Denmark
Genre Fiction
2018 - 19' - Color
Night after night Erik works alone in his bakery. His only company is the late-night radio show, which he persistently attempts to get through to to be honoured “Joker of the Week”. He has gradually become more and more distant to his family, and all his efforts to re-establish the connection seem in vain. A growing depression hurls Erik into a tailspin, that in the end culminates in a desperate cry for help.

Excess will save us

Morgane Dziurla-Petit

Pays France, Sweden
Genre Documentary
2018 - 14' - Color
In a small village of the North of France, an attack alert has been set off due to the combination of two events: the beginning of the hunting season and an argument between drunk Polish workers.

Suc de síndria (Watermelon Juice)

Irene Moray

Pays Spain
Genre Fiction
2019 - 22' - Color
Barbara and Pol spend a few days on holiday with a group of friends in a house surrounded by nature. They want to have a good time and find a peaceful space where they can enjoy their intimacy. With the support of Pol, in the midst of nature, between tears and laughter, Barbara will heal old wounds and redefine her sexuality.